Development of scalable web applications within deadlines

About Limited Ltd is a start-up specialized in the development of web applications:

  • Interactive web-delivered content
  • Software development to customer specifications
  • System architecture consulting
  • Project management & mentoring.

multi-tier diagram

At the moment, we are proposing services only around serverless technologies but this should evolve in a wider offer in the future.

At some point, we consider that focusing on all the different aspects of one technology is the key to success. We try to pay a lot of attention on details, including design, scalability and security.

Full Stack Development

Typescript & Javascript

  • Node.js
  • React
  • Elm

Scala & Java

  • Backend servers

Cloud computing

  • AWS cloud Computing
  • Serverless


  • Relational databases, NoSQL databases, Graph databases, Time Series Databases

Domain-specific languages

  • Lexical analysis, regular expressions


software development lifecycle diagram

Project management

  • Work breakdown, planning & budgeting.
  • Identifying, managing & controlling changes.
  • Tracking and reporting progress.
  • Assessing and controlling risks.
  • Monitoring time, cost, scope constraints.
  • Forecasting future trends in the project


  • Mentoring the team.
  • Organizing the work.
  • Issue solving.

Development process

  • Optimization of the development process.
  • Quality Management.

System architecture

architecture mda diagram


We can design an object oriented architecture for your application that will facilitate the work of your team.


  • We can help you to select an open-source or commercial framework.
  • We can design and implement a specific framework.


  • We can design the persistence layer of your application.